Car Repairs in Martinsville, VA

Car Repair

When you need vehicle service, make the choice to trust Laurel Park Tire & Auto Parts. From the side of the road to the bays in our shop, we’ll make sure you’re getting first-class service all the way. Check out our capabilities below:

Towing services and roadside assistance

If your car won’t start or isn’t safe to drive on the road, give us a call for a tow. We’re equipped to handle light, medium and heavy-duty towing services. Our professionals treat your vehicle with care and diligence, ensuring it gets back to our shop unharmed. We’re available for local and long-distance tows alike.

If your problem can be solved without the need for a tow, you can count on us for roadside assistance in Martinsville, Chatmoss, and Henry County, VA. We’ll be there to give you a jump, pop your lock, deliver coolant, change a tire or bring you a gallon or two of gas!

General car repair

Your vehicle is a complex group of mechanical systems working together. When one or more of these systems begins to experience trouble, you can bet your vehicle will suffer. From the engine and transmission to the chassis and numerous subsystems, we’ll provide you with access to complete car repair in Martinsville, VA. Some of our focuses include:

  • Exhaust and mufflers
  • Brake repairs and rotors
  • Timing belts
  • Water pumps
  • Auto AC repair
  • Alternators and starters
  • Trailer repair and welding
  • Transmission work
  • Engine repair
  • Shocks and struts

Not sure what’s wrong with your car? No problem! Our car repair shop will run diagnostics to figure out what the issue is, then resolve it before it has a chance to get worse. We also sell a wide range of parts, for DIY car repair and minor at-home maintenance.

Tires: sales and service

The number one destination for tires and service in Martinsville, VA is Laurel Park Tire & Auto Parts. We have a number of options in stock depending on your vehicle’s needs and our car repair shop enjoys partnerships with some of the most reputable brands in the industry, including:

Whether you need a tow, roadside assistance, general car repairs or a new set of tires, Laurel Park Tire & Auto Parts is your one-stop brake repair and car repair shop or towing service! Stop by today for service or contact us at (276) 632-9388 to schedule an appointment.